This weeks results

17/03/2011 15:24
Round 18 16-Mar     Rose v Commercial 3-6 (2-4, 1-2) Coach v Barrel 5-4 (3-3, 2-1) ...

Latest KO Update

28/02/2011 00:24
Mark Kuban beat Alwin Roberts Thanks for texts again

Monthly Meeting

25/01/2011 21:34
Don't forget, there's a meeting on Thursday 31st March 2011 at the Phoenix 8:00pm

Singles Knock Out

20/01/2011 07:14
All games in the Individuals Knock-Out have been played except one, no contact was noted early new year and the game then claimed. There has not been a counter claim registered, so the game has been awarded. The time span now means that no objection can be put in. All the qualifiers can be found in...

KO's update

09/01/2011 13:51
Mick Corns won 2 -  0,  Dave (Rose Inn) won 2 - 0,  Mick Corns & Neil Preece won doubles,  I MacDonald won 2 - 0,   A Fisher won 2 - 0,  P Menzies won 2 - 0,  T Cook won 2 - 1,  Thanks again for the texts

Individuals - Through So Far

20/12/2010 22:01
M. Herring, Won 2-0,  R Fearn Won 2-0,  A Roberts Won 2-0,  D Culvert Won 2-0,  P Carthey Won 2-1,  -  Plus the 8 Bye's is the 1st 13 players of 32 through. Thanks for the results.

Visitors notice

17/12/2010 07:51
You've got to be in it to win it Read on

Website launched

17/12/2010 07:50
Our new website has been launched today. This website will allow you to find all the latest results, fixtures and draws, to see how the Knock Outs are progressing and who's to play who. It will also help your teams recruit new players and your Landlords/ Landladies or Stewards attract more trade.